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Public Records Request


** The City of Kalispell does not have BIRTH, DEATH, MARRIAGE, DIVORCE records, or property tax and property title information. Please contact Flathead County at


Municipal Court Records such as arrest records, etc. can be requested under Request for Court Research. Arrest records, court records, etc. cannot be requested from the form below.

The City Clerk's office is happy to provide you with any public city documents related to administration that you request. If we can process your request in less than half an hour, and the records can be sent electronically, there is no fee.

If paper copies are preferred, or if the information cannot be sent electronically, you will be charged 50 cents for the first page and 25 cents for each subsequent page. DVD's and CD's cost $15.00 each.

Please complete this form to request a copy of City public records. Be specific as possible.

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