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2014 FEMA Floodplain Proposed Updates

Public Informational Meetings Schedule

FEMA Map Viewer Link -A map showing proposed changes in the floodplain

FEMA Map Service Center - Link - FEMA site containing official proposed maps (DFIRM)

Summary of areas being changed

Preliminary maps (DFIRM) - General location description

30029C1415J - Highway 93 North of Knob Hill Loop

30029C1420J - Whitefish Stage/Rose Crossing

30029C1805J - Northwest Kalispell

30029C1810J - Northeast Kalispell

30029C1815J - Southwest Kalispell

30029C1820J - Southeast Kalispell

Summary of prior letters of map change potentially affected by the proposed changes (Preliminary SOMA)

Core Area Planning

Core Area Plan - Adopted December 17, 2012

Planning Department Overview

The Planning Department provides professional planning assistance to the city and serves the public interest by providing a forum for open dialogue, identification of issues and goals, creative problem solving, plan development, and implementation. We work to educate, coordinate and facilitate strategies that protect and maintain property values, public investment, built and natural environment, and the quality of life.

The Planning Department is responsible for the administration of several programs including:

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