1. Kalispell News Highlights
  1. Vehicle purchase scam alert

    Beware of Vehicle Selling Scams

    Please beware of scammers trying to sell cars or parts online that they don't own! Kalispell Police have seen locals fall victim to this. Read on...
  2. Photo of Dave Hutton with Text saying Silent Service

    Officer Dave Hutton Recognized for his Silent Service

    In this Silent Service we commend Officer Hutton for the action he took to create safe passage for pedestrians. Thank you, Dave, for thinking of other’s safety and helping them “navigate” through their day. Learn more about what Dave did to help out. Read on...
  3. Trail construction with logo overlay

    Parkline Construction Drone Footage

    As Sandry Construction continues working on the 1.6-mile linear park and multi-use trail, the city is periodically filming the path from the air so we can all watch the progress as it happens. New drone footage is available on YouTube. Read on...