The Kalispell City Airport has been in its present location for more than 83 years and is one of the oldest General Aviation airports in the State of Montana. It is also one of the busiest GA airports in the State of Montana because it lies in the middle of some of the greatest recreation facilities in the United States. Kalispell City Airport is the gateway to the back country of Northwest Montana.


Our mission at the airport is to provide the safest possible atmosphere for the conduct of aviation operations for our tenants, guests, residents, students, and employees. We have established Standard Operating Procedures that are designed to minimize aviation accidents in the air and on the ground at S27. We have established Minimum Standards for those who wish to do business on the airport, thereby insuring our tenants, guests, and residents the best possible service while visiting or operating from S27. In 2005 we completed almost $2 million in renovation and updates.

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