Braveheart Chaplain Ministry

Image of Drew Buckner in front of white vehicle at a park

About the Chaplain

Braveheart Chaplain Ministry serves law enforcement and fire department staff as well as citizens experiencing a life-changing crisis.

Besides responding to traumatic situations and providing emotional and logistical support to citizens in need, a chaplain to emergency services personnel also provides support to first responders in their daily duties. Because their vocation brings them face-to-face with crises, stress is a built in part of a first responder’s vocation.

Some of the more common aspects of chaplain service include assisting the staff on calls, offering professional debriefing after difficult calls, providing resources to citizens dealing with a crisis, Bible studies and professional seminars, participating in weddings and funerals, and celebrating the birth of children.

Chaplains have the privilege of being a part of people’s lives at some of the most difficult moments and during some of the brightest. Whether it is a funeral or a wedding, an unexpected death or the birth of a baby, chaplains are there to walk with those they serve.



  • Aids law enforcement officers on a domestic disturbance call and follows up with the victim?
  • supports firefighters as they tackle burning homes, apartments and businesses?
  • assists a family after the husband is stabbed by an intruder?
  • helps deliver a death notification to a family whose young relative unexpectedly passes away?
  • consoles a family whose loved one commits suicide in their home?
  • connects a young family to needed resources after their home burns?

Chaplains Do.

Braveheart Chaplain Ministry provides support and assistance for both the emergency responders who serve our community and the citizens whom they serve.

From the Director

As the director of Braveheart Chaplain Ministry, I serve as a full-time chaplain to the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office, the Kalispell Police Department, the Kalispell Fire Department and A.L.ER.T.

Braveheart is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation that is supported entirely by donations from individuals, churches and businesses.

 - Chaplain Drew Buckner