Technical Advisory Committee

One city representative term will expire on this committee on April 30, 2021. Click here if you are interested in applying. Please see membership information below for preferred qualifications.


  • Tim Larson - Term ends: April 30, 2022
  • Mark Munsinger - Term ends: April 30, 2021

Member Details

The Technical Advisory Committee will consist of the following officials (or designee): 

  • Flathead County Commissioner
  • Flathead County Road Superintendent
  • Flathead Safety Council Representative
  • Kalispell Chamber of Commerce Representative
  • Kalispell City Manager
  • Kalispell Planning Director
  • Kalispell Public Works Director
  • Two City Residents
  • Two County Residents
  • And the following representatives from the Montana Department of Transportation:
    • Area Construction Engineer
    • Community Services Bureau Chief
    • District Engineer
    • Engineering Services Supervisor

Members serve two-year terms. 


To coordinate transportation planning and to recommend project needs and priorities to the Kalispell City Council, Flathead County Commissioners, and the Montana Department of Transportation regarding:

  • Local objectives, community values, community goals and policies to guide development.
  • Professional and technical considerations involved in plans and decisions.
  • Long and short range plans and programs for development of the area.
  • Programs for financing, staging, administering or otherwise implementing the transportation plan.
  • Solutions to specific development problems.

The board was created by a Memorandum of Agreement for Continuing Transportation Planning in the Kalispell Urban Area dated September 2, 1992, and Bylaws of the Technical Advisory Committee updated in 2010.

More Information

For more information, contact the Planning Department.