Report Pollution

Report online or call the stormwater hotline to report any type of pollution. Call 911 for hazardous material spills. Do not clean up material if it is unsafe to do so.

Stormwater hotline: (406) 758-7720

Oil sheen entering waterway
Excavator working on construction site

Keep our lakes and streams clean by reporting:

  • Illegal dumping of trash and debris along roadways or in creeks
  • Car leaks
  • Concrete dumped in the storm drain or in the street
  • Paint dumped into a storm drain
  • Motor oil dumped into a storm drain
  • Sediment runoff from construction sites


  • Yard clippings swept or blown into storm drains
  • Sewage or septic tank leaks
  • Car washing runoff into a storm drain
  • Pet waste 
  • Overuse of fertilizers
  • Storm drains that are not working properly

What are illegal discharges and how do I know they are happening?

For additional information reference the City of Kalispell’s Ordinance 1831 (PDF).

Oil sheen entering waterway
Green pollution running down storm drain
Excavator working on construction site