Importance of Healthy Waterways

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Clean water is essential for recreation, public drinking systems, aquatic life, agriculture, and other industries.

Kalispell residents are fortunate to live in one of the most beautiful areas of the country. Maintaining and restoring water quality takes a commitment from everyone, including landowners, industries, cities, and local watershed groups and volunteers.

Photo by Steve Muller


Beneficial Uses


In the Flathead Valley, many people enjoy recreating in the beautiful streams and rivers. In order to continue to enjoy this benefit, we need to be proactive about keeping pollutants out of our waterways. 

Aquatic Life

Wildlife in Montana relies on healthy waterways to thrive. From bears to waterfowl to fish, a healthy ecosystem stems back to clean water. 

Photo by Steve Muller


Photo by Steve Muller


Car Washing

Cleaning a car with a sponge

Lawn & Garden Care

Yellow flowers on a hill overlooking a valley with a lake

Leaf & Grass Removal

Fall Street

Local Water Quality Issues

springcreek pond

Paint Disposal

Paint can and brush

Pet Waste

Dog on a boat on a lake