Rates and Information


The Water Department shall provide, operate and maintain all meters, except as provided in Rule V (5) for watering sprinkling. The customer is responsible for the cost of testing and maintenance of all meters in excess of two inches. Under no circumstances shall the customer remove, manipulate, or tamper with the meter.

The Water Department may replace any meter at such time as it may be judged necessary by the Water Department.

Water and/or Sewer Usage Billing

Water/Sewer usage is billed monthly. If the meter cannot be read, bills will be estimated and adjusted when an accurate reading is obtained. 

Sprinkling Rate

Residential Services will receive a reduced water charge for usage above the established winter average for sprinkling of lawns, gardens, and landscaping, during the sprinkling season months of May through October in accordance with the Rate Schedule. The winter average is determined from the average monthly usage during the four (4) month period from November through February. 

Residential customers who have had their service discontinued at any time, or have no usage during the four (4) month winter average period, will receive a winter average of 7,000 gallons per month. Residential Customers who, at the customer’s expense, install separate water sprinkling services, will be charged a administrative charge and meter replacement fee, during the sprinkling season, for the size of meter installed, and all water usage will be billed at the water sprinkling rate.

Commercial Users & Schools

May receive a summer sprinkling rate only if this sprinkling use is separately metered. The Public Works Office will provide 3/4 inch meters for these separately metered services, if larger meters are needed the cost of the larger meter will be paid by the user.


Separate sprinkling devices will not be permitted outside city limits.

Water Rates

  • Charge - $7.50 administrative cost per meter per month
  • Rate - $2.43 per thousand gallons/no minimum
  • Special Terms & Conditions - Out of City rate 1.25 times the in-City rate. 

Residential Sprinkling Rates

  • Rate - $1.55 per thousand gallons
  • Season - May through October

Separately Metered Sprinkling Service Rates

  • Rate - $1.55 per thousand gallons
  • Season - May through October
  1. Utility Billing

    Physical Address
    201 1st Ave. E.
    Kalispell, MT 59901

    Mailing Address
    PO BOX 1997
    Kalispell, MT 59903-1997

    Phone: 406-758-7745

Meter Charge

Meter charge based upon 15 year replacement life.
Meter Size Fee Per Billing Cycle
3/4 inch $0.80
1 inch  $1.38
1 1/2 inch $2.68
2 inch $3.75
3 inch $14.10
4 inch $19.88

Private Fire Protection Line

Private Fire Protection Line means a water service line extending from the distribution system to and through a structure for which the sole purpose of such service is for extinguishment of fire. A Private Fire Protection System is the property of the customer, and the Water Department does not operate or maintain any component of the Prive Fire Protection System. 

Private Fire Protection Line Monthly Rate

Connection Size Fee Per Billing Cycle
2 Inch $24.80
3 Inch $29.25
4 Inch $32.50
6 Inch $40.10
8 Inch $51.00
10 Inch $70.35

Sewer Rates

  • Charge - $8.44 administrative cost per meter per month
  • Rate - $4.78 per thousand gallons/no minimum*
  • Special Terms & Conditions - Out of City rate 1.25 times the in-City rate. 

*Water Billed per Sprinkling Rate or separately metered for Sprinkling not subject to Sewer fee. 

Rules and Regulations

Copies of the Rules and Regulations are available in the Water Billing and Public Works Offices.