Stormwater Pollution Prevention

Many businesses may conduct activities that pollute stormwater and subsequently our local rivers and streams. You can prevent polluted runoff from leaving your business by keeping outdoor areas as clean as possible. Make sure to clean and maintain storm drains and other stormwater facilities on your site so they continue to function properly. Wash equipment and vehicles over a drain that leads to the sanitary sewer or at a car wash facility.

Maintain Stormwater Features

To function properly storm drains and facilities need to be regularly clean and maintained. Over time, storm drains and facilities accumulate sediment and debris that must be removed to prevent clogging and the discharge of sediment and pollutants into our waterways.

Equipment and Vehicle Washing

Equipment and vehicle wash water needs to be sent to the sanitary sewer. If vehicles or equipment is washed outside, pollutants such as oil, grease, metals, dirt, and soap can make their way into the stormwater system. The stormwater system discharges into local rivers and streams without treatment. 

Commercial car washes send water to the sanitary sewer and are a good option for equipment and vehicle washing.

Outside Material Storage

Outside storage containers must have secure and tight-fitting lids. Keeping containers covered and/or under cover can help prevent rainwater from filling and causing contents to overflow onto the ground.

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing can remove oil, grease, metal, and dirt from surfaces and if the waste wash water is not collected properly, these pollutants will enter the storm system and be discharged into local rivers and streams.

If you pressure wash, dispose of waste wash water properly in a drain that leads to the sanitary sewer or direct it to a vegetated area.

Wash water (uncontaminated with soap or any harmful cleaning substance) is only allowed in the storm drain with written permission from the Director of Public Works. For more information see City Ordinance 1831.

Solid Waste Truck Picking Up Can in Winter
Overflowing garbage container
Green pollution running down storm drain