Cellular Water Meter Replacement & Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) Project

The City’s existing water services are metered, with a little over 9,000 water meters in varying sizes, with the majority being residential ¾” meters. Currently, the Water Meter Division within the Public Works Department reads the system monthly with a mobile reading system (AMR).  The City’s goal is to migrate gradually to a fully automated cellular reading system allowing readings to be collected remotely. The new metering system offers a direct and secure access to the utility customer’s water use data through EyeOnWater. The EyeOnWater includes a secure website to review and analyze water usage patterns. With these tools, utility customers will be able to view hourly water usage activity and gain a greater understanding of the amount of water they use.  

The plan to migrate from a radio read drive by meter reading system to a cellular read system will take several years to accomplish. Th Water Meter Division’s plan is to install and replace approx. 1,100 water meters annually. To achieve this goal, all new services will receive a cellular read meter. New cellular meters will be installed in place of the older style meters as service requests are made for maintenance. The Water Dept. will send service requests to customers who currently have the oldest meters in the system. These can be identified by their serial number. Certain areas and subdivisions will also be targeted as the Meter Reading Technician identifies specific areas that are experiencing large failures of radios.

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