Proposed Solid Waste Assessment Increase

Proposed Short Term Increase Graph Summary

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The Solid Waste Fund supports services for the collection and transport of solid waste to the landfill for residential and commercial customers within the City limits. As part of the preliminary budget process, it was identified the Solid Waste Assessment Fund required a review for potential assessment adjustments.  The Fund’s projected revenue using the current assessment criteria did not provide the finances to maintain the same level of service for the upcoming fiscal years.  Additionally, the current finances do not support adding solid waste service accounts within the City that are adjacent to the established routine service areas.

On May 16, 2022, staff presented and City Council participated in work session discussions to review the status of the Fund’s services, service capabilities, equipment replacement schedules, and financials.

The goal of the work session presentation was to summarize current service activities and levels (staffing, equipment, costs), review new service areas (staffing, equipment, costs), and evaluate the budget necessary to sustain service for both the short term and long-term timeframes. As a result of the work session meeting, Council directed staff to proceed with advertising a short-term four-year step assessment increase.

Pursuant to the statutory requirements, the Council must make all evidence to be relied upon in its determination available to the public and set the matter for a public hearing.  The hearing, pursuant to MCA 69-7-111 must be set no earlier than 28 days after the first publication.   Therefore, the date of the hearing set by this resolution of intent is July 5, 2022.

This resolution is limited to advising the public of Council’s intent to act upon the proposed solid waste assessment increase, making the material available to the public and seeking public comment at the hearing.  Action by the Council shall take place thereafter at a separate Council Meeting.