Does the City service all properties within city limits?

Not at this time. The City’s Solid Waste Service Areas can be viewed here.

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1. I just moved into a new or existing home and need to establish service. What do I do?
2. What day does my residential trash get picked up?
3. How am I billed for trash service?
4. Does the City service all properties within city limits?
5. Does the City provide a container for recycling?
6. Will the City remove animal carcasses?
7. What to do with hazardous waste i.e. paint thinners, stains, fertilizers, poisons, etc.
8. How do I dispose of tires?
9. Can I rent a container for a project at my home?
10. When and where should I place my container for pick up?
11. My garbage was missed on collection day, what should I do?
12. The driver dumped my container but did not empty it all the way.
13. I will be moving soon. What do I do with the garbage container?
14. Can I request an additional trash can?
15. What do I do with lawn and leaf trimmings?
16. Does the City clean rollout containers?
17. My garbage container is broken or was stolen. What do I do?
18. If I put a large item out in front of my house like a couch, will Solid Waste pick it up for me?
19. Which container belongs to me?
20. Can we get another can in the alley for overflowing garbage?
21. Appliance and pallet board removal.
22. Who is responsible for the loose trash that flies into my yard?
23. What do I do with lawn and leaf trimmings if I am an alley customer?