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Commercial Building Permit Application

  1. Kalispell, MT

  2. 59901

  3. TBD or Owner

  4. TBD or Owner

  5. Consent to Inspect

    I understand that the building/plumbing/mechanical/electrical codes adopted by the City of Kalispell provide for the entry onto and inspection of my property in conjunction with the applicable permit.

    By applying for and receiving a permit, I understand that I am consenting to such entries/inspections until such time as a permanent certificate of occupancy is issued or, for construction not requiring a certificate of occupancy, the project has passed a final inspection.

    Furthermore, I hereby explicitly give my consent to allow employees of the City of Kalispell, including, but not necessarily limited to, building inspectors, the zoning administrator, fire personnel, and public works personnel, to enter and inspect my property (located at the listed address) for purposes related to my permit.

    My consent to enter and inspect extends not only to the land itself, but also to all buildings, structures, and other fixtures on the lot, including, but not necessarily limited to, utility service lines. I understand that an inspection may entail reasonable measures to determine compliance with the applicable code/ordinance and may include, but is not necessarily limited to, uncovering or removing material concealing relevant construction.


    The issuance or granting of a permit or approval of plans, specifications and computations shall not be construed to be a permit for, or an approval of, a violation of any of the provisions of the International Building, Residential, Mechanical, Fire, National Electrical Code, Energy Code or the Uniform Plumbing Code; the Kalispell Zoning Ordinance; the Kalispell Municipal Code; or any other ordinance, code or law of the City of Kalispell, County of Flathead, State of Montana, of the Federal Government or any of their agencies.

    I understand that information provided to the City of Kalispell, whether on a permit application form or during the permit process, is part of the public record and that the following policies/procedures apply: The information is available for viewing by any member of the public upon request; the permit and its associated information will be posted on site in public view during construction; any individual may compile a mailing list by examining the records that are otherwise open to public inspection; and permit information is regularly made available to requesting agencies, businesses and the public.

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